Lesson Eleven: Navigating J School

Throughout my almost four years here at UF, I definitely went through ups and downs, and some more downs. My first semester here was the worst few months for my mental health, I had hit an all time low. It it lasted for a while until I got into my telecommunications classes. I got into the news track late as I was originally a production major. So, it was not until the spring of my junior year where I finally started to feel at place. That semester was rough for me in both my personal and academic life, I had started Radio One, which I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I lost both my grandparents within the span of two months. However, it was the first semester that I truly loved being at UF, and I contribute that finally taking classes that I was interested in and being involved in the Newsroom on campus. This year I got way more involved in the newsroom and was even the Education Reporter/Anchor. There us something so special about being a part of the J school at UF. The professors become your friends, and your friends become your family. The Center for Media Innovation and Research works to create new ways for journalists to tell their stories by giving a place for students to work in digital media.


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